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UX in Music? It's a Thing!

Photo of a small coffee roaster, the front hatch is open, and coffee beans are spilling out into a cylindrical steel container below.

I was recently invited to join several very intelligent musicologists on a podcast called Conductors' Brew. These smart folks sit around a mic, drink coffee, and deep-dive on really nerdy things like the luthier (an instrument), Beethoven's morning coffee routine (incredibly precise), historical influences on classical pieces, and the conductors' and composers' processes.

When I joined, we talked about how music directors and boards can help orchestras make better connections with their audiences. We also talked about my dream case study - Aubrey Bergauer's Orchestra X program - and how orchestras could leverage UX to boost attendance, engagement, and appreciation. Give it a listen!

(Full disclosure: I am dating one of the hosts, which is why I was invited to join. I'll let you guess which one!)

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