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One-on-one experiences, tailored to your goals.

I offer a variety of coaching experiences where together we will create a roadmap for achieving your goals. I'll be there to support you along the way, bringing nearly 20 years of professional experience to bear. (Not to mention nearly 40 years of life experience!)


If none of the areas below feel quite right, send me an email - I can customize my offerings or refer you to someone in my network who might be a better fit.

If you're interested but worried about cost, please reach out. I am committed to finding ways to make coaching and growth accessible to everyone.

Coaching Options

Research Level Up

Work through a proprietary course, with my guidance and feedback, to add mixed methods research skills to your UX resume. Includes portfolio pieces.

3-6 mos. custom course; contact Jess for pricing 

Custom Coaching

Sometimes, we don't know what we need, but we know we can't do it on our own. I offer goal-setting, accountability, and support for your career ambitions.

One-on-one coaching, tailored to your goals & schedule; contact Jess for pricing

Strategy Level Up

Work through a proprietary course, with my guidance, to add strategy, measurement, and planning skills to your resume. Includes portfolio pieces.

3-6 mos. custom course; contact Jess for pricing

Small Business Boost

A proprietary workshop-style course to get your small business established in vision, planning, SEO and marketing basics, and sales approaches.

One-on-one coaching, tailored to your business & goals; contact Jess for pricing

Focused on inclusivity, bold leadership, and playing to your strengths.

My approach is simple: we start with your goals, imagining the work or business scenario that would light you up. And then I customize a mini-curriculum for you that we'll work through together.


You'll get:

  • a personalized copy of your curriculum, complete with resources for independent learning

  • hands-on practice implementing tactics and strategies in a safe, supportive environment 

  • preparation and follow-up support for any meetings, pitches, or conversations you need to have

  • custom deliverables for your portfolio or small business that you can show off and implement immediately

  • a 'work stuff' therapist who will help you figure out the tricky stuff, celebrate the wins, troubleshoot, bring new ideas, and track significant progress towards your goals


If that sounds like the partnership you've been looking for, reach out about pricing!

Mitchell N., 2023

"I can honestly say learning from you is a game changer for me. Your ability to be vulnerable, relatable and still remain professional and comfortable to talk to is a hard package to put together. And you do it effortlessly. And because of your personal story, career journey and experience in the industry I find your insight on strategy extremely valuable."

Kaithleen T., 2023

"Jess is truly one of a kind mentor, a bit like stumbling upon a shiny Pokémon. Whenever she shares her wisdom on both work (and life), her approach is holistic and tailored specifically to me. She embraces the full spectrum of my individuality, considering my distinct background and circumstances. Her guidance has a magical way of reminding of me of my humanity; I truly feel understood and embraced as a fellow human being."

Debbie H., 2023

"Not only is Jess a wonderful human being, she is an extraordinary mentor who gave me unwavering support that helped foster my growth in UX Design. She uplifted my confidence during my bootcamp journey and helped mold me into a better, assured designer."
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