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consulting & Contract work

for companies

Have purchases and customer engagement plateaued? Are you struggling with a homegrown software platform? Is the customer support team reporting a tanking NPS score? Are you facing lofty sales and satisfaction goals this year?

All of these challenges track back to the customer experience - the more you know about what people expect from your company, the easier it is to build a platform that not only works for them, but engages them and keeps them coming back.

With the right amount of user research and strategy, your team can meet any challenge, and I can show them how.


Improve your end-to-end customer experience.


Or troubleshoot known problems in the user flow.


Revamp large or legacy softwares to work for people.


Teach your UX team how to own your customer experience.

For Companies

for Managers

Maybe you're UX team was handed new KPIs this year, and they feel like too tall an order. Or you're new to managing a UX team, and could use a boost of confidence and advice. Maybe your UX team has been siloed from the rest of the company, and you know it's detrimental to creating positive outcomes.

I've worked in-house, contract, and in agency settings, building up UX teams wherever I've gone. I've been a team of one (oof!) and I've managed a team of many with different personalities (sometimes also oof!).

I can help you listen to the team's needs, create a plan for your growth and theirs, effectively integrate them with other departments, and grow their skills to provide measurable value.


Help you plan and build a UX team from scratch.


Help you scale and integrate an existing UX team.


Level up your UX team through group coaching, workshops, and practice.


Coach you one-on-one to improve your UX management skills.

For Managers


My process is a little different - I prefer to get to know your business, the unique challenges your team is facing, and how my skillset can best be applied before offering prices. We can do this one of three ways, outlined below:


Virtual Interview

Not to add one more Zoom meeting to your calendar, but if we're in different locations and time zones, this is an effective way to spend some time with you and learn about your current challenges.

Image by Kace  Rodriguez

In-Person Interview

If your location is close enough that I can be on-site, we all know the benefit of a firm handshake and face-to-face communication. And if you feel really strongly about an in-person first impression, I'm happy to make it happen!

Image by Jakayla Toney

Written Brief

Sometimes schedules and time zones won't align, and a written brief will do. I'll provide a template with the information I need to give an estimate, and you can write it in, send a video of your feedback, or a voice recording - whatever feels best for you.


Abby Swensen
Producer, Struck

"Jess infuses warmth and empathy into everything they touch. Their ability to interpret complex, technical information into conversational language that speaks to real people’s needs is such a gift. Jess’s confidence and conviction in their work combined with their humble, open, and vulnerable presence positions them as a trusted, credible expert that puts people first in everything they do. Jess is a joy to work with and is beyond generous with their time—advocating, mentoring, and befriending everywhere they go. I truly can’t recommend Jess enough and look forward to the day I get to collaborate with and learn from them again!"

Audrey Quirk
Client Partner, Struck

"When it comes to human-centered strategy, Jess is a guiding light. They have an acute sense for what matters to people—from their team to their clients to the end users. In every conversation I’ve had with Jess, I’ve learned something new, often times about myself. Their presence alone can calm a room, and their insights bring clarity, accessibility, and impact to every project."

Madison Hajeb
CRO Director, Clearlink

"Jess is extremely unique in the sense that they work very comfortably within technology but never lose their empathy for the human experience.

Working with Jess gave our team the opportunity to apply qualitative research and feedback into a very quantitative process. They helped mix the two seamlessly and were always innovating new ways to contribute.

Jess is, without doubt, an expert in their field. Leveraging their work made our team stronger. Having them on the team made the group more cohesive and thoughtful. I do not hesitate to recommend Jess for any team, project, or consulting opportunity."

Kevin Perry
COO, Struck

"I wholeheartedly recommend Jess as an exceptional strategist, experience designer, and wonderful human being. Jess possesses an innate talent for building high-performing teams, seamlessly improving processes, and consistently approaching challenges with a holistic perspective that encompasses a company's culture and overall business goals. Their contributions at Struck were significant, leaving a lasting positive impact. What truly sets Jess apart is their unwavering empathy and dedication to a human-centered approach, which fosters a collaborative and nurturing work environment. I greatly admire the way Jess seamlessly combines their strategic prowess with genuine care for their colleagues, making every project successful and a pleasure to be a part of."

Ryan Thomas
Product Manager, Berkadia

"Jess is one of the most vibrant, talented, hard working, and diligent individuals I've been lucky enough to work alongside. Their ability to analyze the end to end user experience, and drive UX solutions (from product design to service design), while working hand in hand with stakeholders and product development teams is second to none. They have a unique ability to not only look at problems and solutioning from a holistic standpoint, but to also understand the complexities of user jobs, and discover similarities across personas to create solutions that can provide value spanning across a company's verticals.

Most importantly however, is Jess's impact on culture and morale. From day one, Jess's enthusiasm and bright personality helped to bring a dramatic change to our office culture and to bring a design mindset that was inclusive of all team members. Their willingness to educate team members and grow a design culture is second to none."

Erich Newey
Software Engineer, Berkadia

"Jess is one of the absolute hardest working people I've ever met. Their focus, determination, and work ethic elevate their colleagues in a very measurable way. I learned a great deal from Jess about UX, which will forever guide how I plan & frame work throughout my career, which is illustrative of why they are such a valuable asset: they don't just create a better user experience, they teach everyone else how to as well. To boot, they're also one of the most pleasant people I've ever had the privilege of meeting, let alone working with."

Nick Como
Marketing Director, Struck

"Unifying disparate parts of a system is something that comes naturally to Jess, a talent that allows members of other teams to thrive in their roles. Jess eagerly pitched in on internal projects, bringing an outside view and approach that solved numerous organizational hurdles our industry has been slow to solve - positioning Struck ahead of our competitors. I would never have been able to achieve the results, or complete projects nearly as timely or successfully without Jess stepping in, collaboratively taking ownership, and working as a team towards a common goal. Put another way, Jess made our agency better by helping each of us become better humans."

Megan Campbell Gallaugher
Site Operations Manager, Clearlink

"Jess and I got to work together on a project to revamp our homegrown sales order entry tool. They dedicated hours to learning not only how it was supposed to work, but the workarounds our agents had figured out in order solve the issues they regularly encountered. They never shied away from a complicated process or system and always took the time to draw it out and confirm with the user that their understanding was correct. In addition, they spoke the language of not only the sales agents but the developers working on the project. Their ability to translate what the sales floor and support teams needed (and wanted) to the developers working on the project were unmatched."

Landon Starr
Head of Data Science, Clearlink

"I had the opportunity to work with Jess for 2+ years at Clearlink, and I learned a ton about user research, UX, and the nuanced behavioral dynamics of consumers in a digital world from them. Their approach to understanding consumer behavior through research and experimentation provided them a deep, objective perspective on human interaction with digital interfaces. This expertise expanded beyond their core focus of site design, and they were instrumental in assisting our software development team in building intuitive user interfaces for home grown operations software."


I'd love to hear about the challenges that keep you up at night.

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