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UX + Design + Problem Solving Podcasts NOT Hosted By White Guys

Updated: May 5

In June of 2021, I started working on a UX 101 doc — a list of all the resources and ideas I’ve leaned on to get to where I am today in UX. I mentor folks who are pivoting into UX at non-traditional points in their lives, and this document is intended to jumpstart their research and self-learning. So I finally got around to putting it together in a semi-coherent, shareable format.

After I got through books and conferences, I started listing podcasts and quickly realized that the most recognized UX podcasts are hosted by white guys.

But more than half the world’s population is non-white. Where are the folks talking about UX from a different perspective and experience? I turned to Twitter for help.

Screenshot of a tweet from Jess Vice that says, ISO: UX/design/problem-solving podcasts NOT hosted by white guys

And wow! Check out all of this incredible content!

*Note: @ handles are for Twitter — go follow these creators; a lot of them are here on Medium too

Podcasts You’ve Probably Not Heard Of

  • Revision Path — hosted by Maurice Cherry (@mauricecherry on Twitter) Revision Path™ is an award-winning weekly showcase of Black designers, artists, developers, and digital creatives from all over the world.

  • Latinx Who Design — hosted by Michel Ferreira (@LatinxWhoDesign on Twitter) A podcast focused on Latinxs designers from all backgrounds, shapes, colors and sizes. Sharing stories & struggles to inspire

  • Cells and Pixels — hosted by Koji Pereira (@kojieumesmo and @cellsandpixels on Twitter) Cells and Pixels podcast is extracted from a weekly talk show on Instagram Live. The guests are a range of professionals, scholars and authors that talk about product, UX, UX research, product design, inclusion and diversity.

  • UI Narrative — hosted by Tolu Garcia (@uinarrativeco on Twitter) UI Narrative shares the stories of people of color interface designers and researchers and their contributions towards creating user-centered experiences.

  • Latinx In Power — UX and tech in general, hosted by Thaisa Fernandes (@thaifernandes and @LatinxInPower on Twitter) Demystifying tech interviewing Latinx leaders all over the world to get their perspective, encouragement and insights.

  • Technically Speaking with Harrison Wheeler — hosted by @hmwheele and @gettechnicalpod on Twitter

  • Diseño Y Diáspora — hosted by Mariana Salgado (@salgado and @disenoydiaspora on Twitter) El podcast de diseño social en español y portuñol. Conversaciones entre una diseñadora y Otros: a veces amigos, a veces investigadores en diseño, la mayoría de las veces diseñadores trabajando en innovación social o en practicas de diseño emergentes.

  • Connect4 — young creatives of color and their mentors Designers starting out on their journey talk with their mentors — some of today’s most influential BIPOC graphic designers — about finding inspiration and confidence; beginning a career in the arts (and explaining it to your parents!); and what it’s like working within the largely white design field.

  • Design Thinking 101 — hosted by Dawan Stanford (@dawanstanford on Twitter) Learn what’s possible when you think and solve like a designer.

  • The Cognitive Bias Podcast — hosted by David Dylan Thomas; author of the book Design for Cognitive Bias; (@movie_pundit on Twitter) The Cognitive Bias podcast explores the world of things we do that don’t make any rational sense, one bias at a time.

  • 10 Minutes of UX — by @PraizUx on Twitter Learn something interesting about UX in 10 minutes every Sunday.

  • Hotline Design — hosted by Lavinia Alexoiu (@laviniaalexoiu), YuXin, and Lauren Welcome back to the show where we talk about our experiences as designers and our day to day pursuits, wrapped into the most wholesome layer of unrelenting friendship.

  • Roots — hosted by Alexis Collado (@alexiscollado and @filipinoroots on Twitter) Roots is a podcast about the stories of Filipino designers.

  • Game UX Podcast — hosted by Ahmed Salama (@salamatizm on Twitter) A podcast about the people behind interface design and development, and their journeys into the video games industry.

  • Art Pays Me — by Duane Jones (@artpaysme on Twitter) Bermuda born Artist based in Halifax, Nova Scotia who advocates for creative and financial empowerment.

  • Creative Office Hour — hosted by Stella Guan (@stellaguan;), from Path Unbound We interview creatives from all disciplines who are making marks in their fields. We speak to them about important topics in the creative industry and learn from their stories.

  • The Creative Block — hosted by Danielle, Jeremy, and Treasure (@thecreativeblk on Twitter) The dopest spot for exploring tech, brands, and culture in the most unconventional ways. Join experience designers (and friends) Danielle, Jeremy, and Treasure as they debate about how to apply their love for human-centered design in the most unconventional ways.

  • The World of UX — hosted by Darren Hood (@theWorldofUX on Twitter) We’ll cover every UX-related method, discipline trends, career advancement and challenges, education recommendations, UX maturity levels and maturity level management, and much much more.

  • Surfacing — Lisa Welchman (@lwelchman) and Andy Vitale (@andyvitale); @surfacingpod on Twitter On the Surfacing Podcast, digital governance expert Lisa Welchman and design leader Andy Vitale take a deep dive into the world of the digital maker community. Join them as they talk to the designers, technologists, and business leaders responsible for building the experiences that make up our world.

Podcasts with Strong Women Hosts

  • Design Matters — hosted by Debbie Millman (@debbiemillman) and Jessica Helfand (@jessicahelfand)

  • What’s Wrong with UX — hosted by Kate Rutter (@katerutter) and Laura Klein (@lauraklein)

  • Creative Confidence Podcast — hosted by Suzanne Gibbs Howard (@suzhoward) and Coe Leta Stafford (@coe_design)

  • UI Breakfast — hosted by Jane Portman (@uibreakfast)

  • Delta CX — @Delta_CX on Twitter; Debbie Levitt’s daily live videos on LinkedIn and YouTube

  • Clever — hosted by Jaime Derringer (@jaimederringer) of Design Milk and Amy Devers (@amydevers); @CleverPodcast on Twitter

  • Decoding the Customer — a CX podcast hosted by Julia Ahlfeldt (@JuliaAhlfeldt)

  • Design Observer — hosted by Jessica Helfand (@jessicahelfand) et. al.

  • Design Life FM — hosted by Femke van Schooven (@femkesvs) and Charli Prangley (@charliprangley)

  • Yello — good subject matter expert (SME) interviews

  • CompressedFM — hosted by Amy Dutton (@selfteachme) and James Quirk; Amy sits in an interesting position between dev and design

  • Design Untangled — hosted by Carla Lindarte (@carlalindarte) and James Mears

  • The Content Strategy Podcast — hosted by Kristina Halvorson (@halvorson)

Thank you to the amazing creatives on Twitter who jumped in to contribute and were so civil and respectful and supportive of each other! If you’ve got more suggestions, leave them in the comments.

This post was first published by UX Collective on Medium.

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