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Seattle UX Happy Hour Workshop

While I was in Seattle for Seattle Interactive Conference 2022, I met up with the local UX Happy Hour group. We gathered in a neat empty gallery, and I walked them through the accessibility workshop I spoke about at SIC 2022.

A group of people sit in a rough circle in mismatched chairs. They are in an all-white room - the floors are white wood and the walls are white-painted brick. Everyone is looking at one person on the left side of the circle.
The group talking about their experience with accessibility updates. Photo by Joe Bernstein.

Jess wears an oversized oatmeal sweater with a hood and brown buttons. They are holding their cellphone in one hand and pointing at it with the other. In front of them, a laptop on a stool displays a slide that says, Meaningful access to digital information and services is a basic human right.
Jess talks about accessibility as a UX and design responsibility. Photo by Joe Bernstein.

Jess stands in front of a wall with sticky notes, gesturing. A small group of people are gathered and thinking about accessibility, UX, and design.
Talking together about one of the workshop stations. Photo by Joe Bernstein.

We had to get a little scrappy - the projector didn't work, so I ended up adapting the talk to a few key slides that folks could download on their phones with a QR code. But in all, the Seattle UX Happy Hour crew is curious, kind, and great at what they do. I was so pleased to spend an evening with them!

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