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Seattle Interactive Conference 2022

Jess wears a dark blazer and flower patterned shirt. They are standing in front of a colorful conference backdrop, and a few heads of attendees are visible in the foreground.
On stage at Seattle Interactive Conference 2022

I spent a damp and delightful three days in Seattle this week with a group of passionate creatives, marketers, and visionaries.

We learned about SEO, cryptocurrency, archival practices, creative process, accessibility, and how one company goes about naming things.

I spoke on accessibility as a UX and design responsibility. I walked through examples of what accessibility looks like in the real world, then made a case for why UX and design should own accessibility and why it belongs at the beginning of every process. Then I demonstrated the steps we took at Struck to host an accessibility workshop for the UX and design teams.

FYI: I can adapt this talk or workshop to fit several formats. This same week, I hosted the workshop for the Seattle UX community and in 2023, I adapted the talk to be an interactive workshop presentation at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. If you'd like to hire me to give this talk or a variation of the workshop for your team, reach out!

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