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Accessibility Is a UX and Design Responsibility

Updated: May 5

or How to Run an Accessibility Workshop for Creatives

A neon pink sign is set in a lawn of green grass. The sign shows a wheelchair user icon, the words 'Step free route', and an arrow in white.

This year, I had the privilege of representing Struck at the WomenTech Global Conference on a topic I am passionate about: designing and building for every user. At Struck, we’d recently put together an internal accessibility workshop in an effort to grow awareness. We were pleased to see that our teams engaged in the activities, seemed to learn some new information, and remembered a lot of the tools and tips discovered in the workshop. We’ve seen accessibility findings applied independently across client work ever since.

In the talk for WomenTech, I walked through

  • what accessibility really means and who benefits from it (spoiler: everyone!)

  • current accessibility options and patterns

  • why UX and Design are responsible for accessibility

  • how to sell accessibility to your leadership

  • and a step-by-step guide to hosting an accessibility workshop for your team

In the talk, I also promised a list of resources, support articles, and guidelines, which you’ll find linked below the video. And a full transcript of the talk is available at the end of this article.

Video: Accessibility is a UX and design responsibility

Section-by-Section Resources

  1. Introductions

  2. Understanding Accessibility

3. Accessibility + UX and Design

4. Running an Accessibility Workshop

5. Conclusion

About Jess

I love people. I am curious and always excited to understand what drives people.

I offer a deep background in qualitative and quantitative research, user experience best practices, and high-level strategic planning. I’m particularly good at making meaning from research and using it to create data-informed strategies for creative and development teams. I’ve been working in marketing and advertising, CRO, SaaS, and product for over 14 years and am consistently thrilled with how much more there is to learn.

About Struck

Struck is a creative agency with a 25-year legacy of brand building and experiential design. Struck works with companies ready to transform their brands in the tourism, hospitality and biotech industries. We engage at key inflection points to boost brand awareness, engagement and growth. Rebranding, repositioning and fundraising preparation are particular areas of expertise. Based in Salt Lake City, Struck got its start in Los Angeles and has been heralded as a beacon of creativity in Utah for nearly two decades.

Full Transcript

This post was first published on Struck's Medium account.

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