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Research Rumble #2: Personas

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Ah, personas. One of the oldest UX deliverables, and one of the most divisive. Do they even serve a purpose anymore? Is there a better way to do them? Who actually looks at them? I challenged myself to try on the pros side this time, even though I usually fall in the "death to personas" camp. And I learned a lot! Watch the recording to hear the different ways we see and use personas in UX still.


Through the UXR Guild, Danielle Green and I created Research Rumbles as a forum for authentic discussion of UX research practices. The group will address a new topic each month. We will cover the most divisive or controversial issues in UXR. Folks are asked to stay open, get curious, and try on new ways of thinking, ala Brené Brown’s rumble style.

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